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Skoda MFD3 retrofitted in the wild, jaws drop

headerlogo VRSstu over in the Briskoda forums here has braved the onslaught from his better half and plumped for the latest and greatest in Skoda ICE and fitted it to his Octavia Mk2.

MFD stands for “multi-function display” and the MFDs in the VAG series of cars give you the usual sound system control but also include GPS navigation. In the newer v2 units you got DVD playback, TV options and control over car phones etc. You can order the MFD as a factory fit item, or purchase one later to fit yourself. Not only are they pretty gucci, but they are branded factory units which fit the car perfectly (no need for adapter cables), and they look like part of the original build - great for people that want to get upgrades in but avoid that bling look. The new v3 unit has yet to appear here in UK Skodas but is now out in Europe. Price is high as you’d expect for a factory option and four figures is sadly the price you’ll have to stump up to grab one for yourself at the moment.. if you can find one.

Here’s some of Stu’s shots - checkout the main Briskoda forum for the rest:

Trinax3 Trinax12 Trinax17
(photos from VRSstu’s post over at Briskoda)

As Stu mentions in his post the MFD3 features (as well as GPS, CD control, radio etc):

6.5" 16:9 TFT Touchscreen
DVD Movie Playback with Dolby DTS sound
30GB Internal HD storage
SD/MMC Slot (4gb Max)
2D/3D Mapping
DVD & MP3 Disk supported
MP3 and WMA files

You can see some more shots of the unit branded under Audi (and called the RNS510) here. Oh and while I’m on the subject of the Audi/VW banded unit there’s a video of it on YouTube (YouTube - New navigation system RNS510):

Porsche GT3 runs from Police in Holland…

Came across this in the forums…

A 42-year old man from Purmerend, the Netherlands is caught after a bizarre chase. The man driving a Porsche 911 GT3 drove at speeds exceeding 200 km/h (125 mph) on the A7. The police gave him the stop sign from an undercover surveillance car. The Porsche, ignoring this, took a last second exit and went off. While entering the high way again, the driver lost control in the corner of the entranceway hitting the safety rails. While losing several parts from his car he tried to escape again. While being chased he took the road verge desperate to escape. He enters a parking space next to the high way and steps over to a Volkswagen Golf, driven by his 33-year old girlfriend. A 29-year old man which was the passenger at the Porsche took over the wheel from the Porsche and tries to get away. As seen in the video, while this was happening the police is taking a safe distance, observing until backup has arrived. The Golf drives away like nothing happened but the police knew he was in that car. They create a road block to hold up the traffic so they can arrest the former Porsche driver, the passenger now driving the Porsche also gets arrested. In the Golf happens to be a baby and in the baby-seat they discovered a firearm. In the clothing of the baby hard drugs were found. Both man are still in custody.

Ferrari Unica gym

743_1 You’ve got your F430, the limited edition laptop to go with it, the watch, hat, jacket and driving gloves. If you’re looking to complete your Ferrari ensemble, where do you turn? Well a Ferrari  gym of course.

Sure to spend more time being polished and pointed out to mates than actually being used, the Ferrari Unica (priced at a mere 14,875 Euros - around 20,000 USD) is a pricey solution for home exercise and keep fit wannabes:

This version of the Ferrari Unica comes in the most traditional Prancing Horse colours, colours that have adorned thousands of Ferraris and helped make them instantly recognisable throughout the world. The leather trim of its padding is beige, just like classic Ferrari interiors, while the gym frame is Racing Red, the definitive Maranello colour.

Other subtle details that recall the company’s GT cars include F50-style wheels to assist shifting the gym in the home and Prancing Horse logos to both the frame and leather trim.

The Ferrari Unica was designed in-house by a team of training experts at the Technogym Research Centre. Their aim was to provide the most complete range of training exercises possible in a compact, easy-to-use format for an ideal, all-round fitness training programme at home.

[Ferrari Store]

Car Art Inc - Fall Scenes Collection

CAR ART, inc. have mailed over their latest updates. For those of you that are interested in automotive related artwork:

0710b The splendor of autumn in Michigan made this a favorite season when I worked at GM`s Tech Center in the `80s. Those red and gold leaves provide a colorful backdrop in our FALL SCENES collection.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHER Franklin Cunningham has recently joined our photographers group. See his thought-provoking Steel-Light-Color collection:

Meet ANDY GRANATELLI ! Meet racing legend Andy Granatelli at the Murphy Museum in Oxnard, California on Sat. Oct. 13th at 1:00pm. He`ll discuss his career: race car driver, engine builder, Studebaker Days, STP, Indianapolis, Daytona, etc. Call 805-487-4333 for reservations for this one-time event.
Murphy Art Exhibit See over 30 original paintings and prints by 17 artists, including Indecision by Yohe shown above. I will be there to guide you and answer questions.


  • Art Business News in latest issues: Auto Art Gallery Celebrates Five Years featured Car Art, Inc. in August, and Storm Brightly Brewing by Virginia Ivanicki took top spot in September`s New Editions.
  • American Driver magazine featured The San Diego Collection in issue #407.
    See Chuck Swimmer`s extensive collection of automotive art supplied by Car Art, Inc.

CAR ART at VILLAGE COFFEE See examples of our art displayed inside the Village Coffee Roaster in Woodland Hills, California, and enjoy the SuperCar Sunday show outside every Sunday from 7~11 am.

Yours in art,

Peter Aylett
CAR ART, inc.

New design coming

carsmash 2006-2 There is a new design taking shape here, although I think about the only people who can see/read this are the admins and a select few anyway. However for those of you that may be confused by the look and the like I’m busy reworking the theme and tinkering in the background.

Back to work, yarp. (images shamelessly borrowed from the RHA)

Cross posts from the net

Time for a few posts from around the globe, first up there’s news of the new Evo X mentioned over at AutoBlog. The new X builds upon the looks of past models, and to my mind, thankfully didn’t do to the Evo name what the new WRX did to the “Scooby”.

If you’re looking to do something different to your Lambo, then perhaps this might interest you. At first I hoped it was dry wipe marker, but the design really did begin to grow on me as I looked through the shots… but no I’d not do it to my own (if I owned one that is).

Over at OhGizmo they have been invited to Michigan to test out the entire GM 2008 lineup, home of angular pointy things.